Being the distribution arm of Walter Roller GmbH and distributor of  Bock compressors, Roller Asia carries the entire range of Roller heat transfer products and Bock compressors for many different applications from transport air conditioning to CO2 heat recovery systems.



Solving problems in commercial refrigeration and freezing technology correctly is very demanding. In this context, high quality air coolers are an important building block: the air cooler is the only system component that comes into contact with the chilled goods through the cooling chamber air.

Roller high performance air coolers with in-line copper tube arrangement are proven products that set standards with regard to quality and efficiency as a result of the company culture in continuous improvement.

Some of Roller key product feature on evaporator includes

  • In – line copper tube arrangement for lesser defrost cycles in sub-zero applications and minimum air flow loss
  • Highly efficient coil bock with large heat transfer surface
  • Corrosion and Scratch resistant powder coated aluminium casing
  • Thick fins of 0.3mm for greater stability
  • Inner groved copper tubes for greater heat transfer

Bock compressors


Bock has represented innovation, reliability and quality for more than 80 years in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Over decades, Bock has developed as a company specialising in reciprocating compressors  catering to the different requirements for commercial, industrial, rail, bus and transport refrigeration.

Piston compressors supplied by Bock are used in a very wide range of applications. Customers have confidence in our compressor technology in domains ranging from deep-freezing to normal refrigeration and air conditioning for buildings. Bock 2, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder semi hermetic and open type compressor models, provide a wide range of high quality, innovative reciprocating compressors with durability and energy efficiency at the core of its design.

Bock offers a wide choice of compressor versions in the established semi-hermetic range for alternative refrigerants, deep-freezing or EX applications.

Low sound levels, efficient operation, compact design, are all trademarks of  Bock compressors.