A Cold Room Condensing Unit for Every Industry

Utilizing the top brands in refrigeration components and controls to meet the most demanding performance standards.

Roller Asia holds a two decade long track record of engaging in design, supply and installation of walk-in cold rooms, as well as maintenance and servicing of commercial and industrial cold rooms which we built for Singapore based customers.

Being a cold room specialist in the refrigeration field, we pride ourselves in usage of High Quality Roller evaporators, Roller cold room condensers and Bock compressors in most of our cold room build ups.

Cold storage in Pharmaceutical Sector

Pharmaceutical cold rooms represent one of the most demanding classes of cold room requirements in the industry.

Only organizations with proven engineering expertise, supply chain, quality refrigeration components, manpower and logistical support are able to carry out these stringent pharmaceutical jobs. Roller Asia, the nominated cold room specialist and the cold room contractor is proud to assist our customers in the storage of their high value pharmaceutical, chemical and biological goods.

Chiller & Freezer Warehousing in Food & Beverages Sector

The F&B warehousing storage for commercial and industrial cold rooms represents the bulk of cold room requirements. Customers count on the Roller condensers and evaporators as well as Bock compressors and the customized refrigeration compressor rack system for longevity of their refrigeration system.

Air-conditioned Warehousing

Unlike the conventional systems using standard Chilled Water or Split Unit Direct Expansion (DX) Systems, the DX systems which are custom designed by Roller Asia can run on temperatures lower than the normal systems provided by air-conditioning contractors and with higher energy efficiency. Bock compressors and condensing units with class leading coefficient of performance helps our client save on their electrical bills.

Blast Chillers and Freezers in Slaughterhouses

Slaughter houses typically require the temperature of the product to be pulled down the required temperature in a predetermined and very short time frame. Precise Evaporator and Compressor selection and usage is required to meet this key requirement and to strike a balance between the cooling capacity required and energy usage. Roller evaporators, condensers and Bock condensing units are used in one of the government linked pig slaughter house commercial col in Singapore where Roller Asia has been nominated as a cold room supplier.

Wine Cellars

As the quality of life in our country improves, Singaporeans are beginning to keep their wines in cellars which are both temperature and humidity controlled, allowing their wines to age in the correct conditions. Roller Asia assist customers in both the refrigeration system and the aesthetic aspect of their wine cellars.