Cold room coolers and Condensers

Roller coolers tested and proven name in the marine and offshore refrigeration sector.


Solving problems in commercial refrigeration and freezing technology correctly is very demanding. In this context, high quality air coolers are an important building block: the air cooler is the only system component that comes into contact with the chilled goods through the cooling chamber air.

Roller high performance cold room air coolers and cold room condensers with in-line copper tube arrangement are proven products that represent the state of art due to our continuous developments and set standards with regards to quality and efficiency.

FHV/T & FAV/T series

The FAV/T & FHV/T series represents the most important and popular range of Roller evaporator for the most common refrigerants.With 250mm, 300mm, 450mm motors, the range cooling capacity for the entire range covers 1.4KW to 19KW. The FAV/T & FHV/T series includes the slimmest range of the Roller straight blow type of evaporator, at total height of 350mm to maximum the usage of shelving space inside the cold room.

HVS/T series

Roller understands that the length of evaporator could pose issues if there is a need to replace defrost heaters. HVS/T series is specially designed for shorter overall length for coldrooms with smaller dimensions.
This series is particularly popular in marine applications due to its large heat exchange surface leading to higher humidity to pro-long the freshness of any unpack food in the coldroom.

Cooling capacity ranges from 0.5 KW to 25 KW for this range with choice of 4.5mm, 7mm and 10mm fin spacing.

FHVI/T & HVIS/T series

The FHVI/T & HVIS/T series are the largest of Roller range of evaporators, and are used for both Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration.HVIS/T features a unique S version with a custom design fan motor for maximum volumetric air flow – translating into higher temperature pull down rates and is particularly popular with customers with requirements for quick freezing of their products.The FHVI/T comes with 500mm fan motors and HVIS/T features 560mm, 630mm & 800mm fan motors.

Cooling capacity stretches from 10 KW to 92KW.

Ceiling Type Unit Air Coolers – FKN/T, DLK/T, UV/T & DHN series

Roller offers 4 different range of Ceiling Type Evaporators to cater for the many differing needs of the end users.
FKN/T series features the slimmest height profile of 130mm for tight spaces with 200mm fan motor for sound free operation.

UV/T and DLK/T series pulls air in from an 45 Degree angle to minimise its footprint for more effective space usage.

DHN evaporators are designed to be placed in the center of any rooms with its dual directional air discharge design for uniform air distribution around the room. Within this range, customers have a choice of picking low sound level fans and these are common used in convenient stores and supermarkets.

HKN/D Fan Coil Units

40 years after its success in design of evaporators, Roller developed the HKN/D Fan Coil Units for comfort cooling and heating. With possibilities on usage of chilled water, refrigerants, heaters and hot water, HKN/D Fan Coil Units are the top choice of many cruise ships in the west.

Of the 5 fan speed settings, users can configure up to 3 for selection during actual usage.

HKN/D offers silent operation and comes in ceiling mounted or floor placement variants.

KVN series Condensers

Completing the series of its heat exchange equipment, KVN series of air conditioning and cold room condensers are constructed from Aluminium & zinc plated sheet carbon steel for strength, corrosion and scratch resistance.To maximise heat transfer within keeping size compact, fin to fin distance is kept close at 3.0mm fin spacing for minimum heater transfer surface. Standard 400mm fan motors with option for weather protection are used for these range of Made in Germany Condensers.