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Bock Compressors

Bock has represented innovation, reliability and quality for more than 80 years in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. Over decades, GEA Bock has developed as a company specializing in reciprocating compressors catering to the different requirements for commercial, industrial, rail, bus and transport refrigeration.

Piston compressors supplied by Bock are used in a very wide range of applications. Customers have confidence in our compressor technology in domains ranging from deep-freezing to normal refrigeration and air conditioning for buildings.

Bock 2, 4, 6 and 8 cylinder semi hermetic and open type compressor models, provide a wide range of high quality, innovative reciprocating compressors with durability and energy efficiency at the core of its design.

Compressors can be built into individual condensing units or multiple refrigeration compressor rack system
Bock offers a wide choice of compressor versions in the established semi-hermetic range for alternative refrigerants, deep-freezing or EX applications.

Low sound levels, efficient operation, compact design, are all trademarks of Bock compressors.

Roller Asia assists our customers with our rich database of Bock compressor catalogue for compressor selection, spare parts list, exploded drawings and technical bulletin.

Mobile Compressors FK & Al HG compressors.

Bock vehicle compressors of FK range are the result of many years of experience in the domain of mobile cooling systems. The unsurpassed light, compact, robust design and wide r.p.m. range are only some of the outstanding features of this unique product range of 2, 4, 6 cylinder compressors.

The K version is a special innovation with a unique valve plate system for most stringent requirements in bus and coach air-conditioning systems.

Capacity ranges from 10.3 to 84.9 m3/h (at 1450rpm) with 4 base models and 14 capacity stages.

Bock aluminium HG compressors, designed to be lightweight are around 40% lighter than standard compressors and offer system manufacturers new possibilities on bus air-conditioning and truck refrigeration design.

Capacity for these aluminium semi-hermetic compressor ranges from 44.3 to 66.1 m3/h (2,900 rpm)

fk01 fk02 fk03
FK compressors Engine driven FK Mobile compressors for Bus air conditioning.
fk05 fk04
HG Aluminium compressors Light weight semi-hermetic aluminium compressors for rail and bus air-conditioning

Stationary Semi-Hermetic Compressors

The Bock HG (Hermetic Gas-cooled) range of semi-hermetic compressors offers traditional suction gas-cooled compressor with state of the art technology. These compressors of the highest quality excel in their running comfort, easy maintenance, efficiency and reliability. Suitable as standard for conventional or chlorine – free HFC Refrigerants.

The full HG range encompasses variants such as CO2 transcritical and subcritical compressors, ATEX compressors, 2 stage compressors and many more.

The HA (Hermetic Air-cooled) range specially engineered by GEA Bock, is available for deep freezing applications, in particular for use with the refrigerants R22, R404a & R407F.

The HG Series includes 9 base models and 29 capacity stages stretching from 5.4 to 281.3 m3/h (at 1450 rpm)
The HA series includes 6 model size and 20 capacity stages with the largest model at 122.4 m3/hr (at 1450 rpm)

Untitled-1 sc02 sc03 sc04
HG/HA compressors Low Temp Rack with Bock HA compressors Mid Temp Rack with Bock HG compressors Ice Making Machine with Bock HG compressors
sc06 sc07
Marine Main ACCU with Bock HG6 compressors Marine Coldroom CU with Bock HG44e compressors
2 01 03 02
HG ATEX compressors Bock ATEX Zone 1 compressors in Oil Refinery Bock ATEX Zone 1 compressors in Oil & Gas FPSO Bock ATEX Zone 1 compressors in Singapore Jurong Island
HG CO2 compressors CO2 Booster system for supermarket CO2 Transcritical Heat Pump Transcritical Heat Recovery System for Pharmaceutical plant

Stationary Open Type Compressors

Bock F model series provides modern open type compressors for direct drive or V belt pulley systems. By tuning the flywheel and pulley ratio, virtually all drive capacity could be met. Characteristics of the Bock Open Type compressors includes, compact design, oil pump force feed lubrication and durability.

The current range includes 7 models with 10 capacity stages from 10.5 to 281 m3/h (1450 rpm)

fk06 fk07 fk08 fk09
Open Type compressors Marine Main ACCU with Direct Drive F16 Bock Open Type compressors Marine Main ACCU with Belt Driven Bock Open Type compressors Explosion Proof ACCU with Bock Open Type compressors

Condensing Units

012 011
Outdoor Condensing Unit/Plusbox Variable speed drive and controls integrated into GEA Bock Plusbox Bock Plusbox in agricultural applications
014 013
Normal Condensing Unit Bock CU used in Low Temp applications Custom designed casing for Bock CU