Consultancy services on design

With more than 20 years of refrigeration project implementation under our belt, Roller Asia is trusted by contractors and end customers in making the appropriate technical advice for their cold room requirements.

Common issues associate with a poorly designed cold storage includes,

  • Sweating or condensation on the insulation panels
  • Oil return issues to the compressors
  • Long temperature pull down duration
  • Choked coldroom condenser and evaporator coil
  • Wrongly sized compressor and condensing unit

Roller Asia assists customers in making appropriate design recommendations for their commercial and industrial cold room requirements.

Refrigeration Equipment Selection

Selection of the appropriate key refrigeration equipment directly affects the functionality of the cold storage and its system. Roller Asia calculates required cooling load and recommends usage of correctly sized compressors, evaporators and condensers of reputed brands ensures longevity of the refrigeration system and greatly reduces instances of minor hiccups.

Building of Condensing Unit and Compressor Rack System

With skilled labour increasingly becoming a constraint, contractors trust Roller Asia to assist them in building the heart of the refrigeration system – stand alone condensing unit or complex compressor rack system. Only refrigeration components of renowned brands are incorporated into our condensing units. Refrigeration compressor racks system and condensing unit could be customized according to contractors’ dimensional and design requirements.

Design and Build Services for Cold Storage Facility

Roller Asia has been engaged as the dedicated cold room contractor on many commercial and industrial cold room installations in the many different sectors such as hotels, restaurants, pharmaceutical labs, logistics food storages and bakeries.

As a professional cold room builder and cold room supplier, construction drawings as well as Engineering Data are submitted and compiled for proper documentation.