Roller Asia Pacific combines the know – how on the key refrigeration equipment selection, best in class evaporators, condensers and compressors, practical hands – on project implementation and execution experience to assist all our customers.

Roller Evaporators and Bock compressors have been used extensively in the very quality stringent sector of Marine and Offshore HVAC systems worldwide and especially in Singapore.

Our Team in Roller Asia has executed numerous refrigeration land based projects and that allowed us to gain in-depth understanding on coldroom users’ requirement, making us a subject matter expert to our customers on both logistical and technical issues.

Roller Asia is one of the few companies which uniquely, is both a distributor of refrigeration products and builder of coldrooms refrigeration system. All coldrooms are built using the Roller Evaporators, Condensers and Bock compressors which we carry.

Our customers choose us for our expertise and total dedication to their refrigeration needs. Regardless of how big or small your requirements, whether you need cooling, chilling or freezing, Roller Asia commitment and expertise ensures that your cold storage delivers your product at the right temperature condition.